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2023 Korean Ambassador’s Cup Taekwondo Competition


The MTN Arena Lugogo is proud to host a thrilling two-day Taekwondo competition event on 27 May and 28 May 2023. The competition promises to be a spectacular display of athleticism, precision, and martial arts mastery.

Competitors from all over the country will come together to showcase their skills in Taekwondo Sparring. The event will feature both individual and team competitions, providing an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their talents individually.

The competition will be divided into different weight categories, ensuring a fair and level playing field for all participants. Judges, referees, and coaches will be on hand to ensure the highest standards of safety and fairness throughout the competition.

Spectators can expect to witness some of the most skilled and talented Taekwondo practitioners in the country and the region as they compete for the top honors and prizes. With high-energy performances, breathtaking displays of agility and strength, and thrilling displays of martial arts mastery from top fighters such as Ocira Oswaldo, Wakurwoth Cranima from Uganda Police; Happy and Savio from Rwanda. This event is not to be missed.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for two days of non-stop action at the MTN Arena Lugogo Taekwondo competition event on 27 May and 28 May 2023. Whether you’re a martial arts enthusiast or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, this event promises to be the highlight of the year.

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